Hakan Öztürk was born in 1973 in Kütahya. He has a civil engineering degree from Middle East Technical University in 1995. He also had his master degree in  Management and Organisation in 1999. He is married and he has one daughter and one son.

His 23 year career in Gurallar Group of Companies  started in 1995. He started as a Junior Site Engineer in Tourism investments of group and now managing Tourism branch of Gurallar group with title of Tourism Coordinator.During his career journey he took part in various management positions in Group’s tourism investments and operations. After performing General Manager position of Ali Bey Resort Sorgun for 8 years, he has been working as Tourism Coordinator of group since 2017.

Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts and Joali are brands of group in Tourism. Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts is under operation with 2 resorts in Antalya, Turkey  Joali Maldives under operation and Joali Wellbeing under construction are other 2 resorts with Joali brand  in Maldives. Nowadays Hakan Öztürk, with his team working for globalisation of the group’s vision in Tourism.