Berat Albayrak was born in Istanbul on February 21, 1978.

He graduated from Istanbul University’s Business Department (English). Following his Master’s degree from New York Pace Uiversity’s Lubin School of Business, he received his PhD degree in the field of Banking and Finance with dissertation about “Financing Renewable Energy Resources”. He joined professional business life in 1996. As a top executive, he has undertaken various initiatives in different branches of activity such as economics, energy and finance.

Right after having left his career in the private sector, he started writing a column for Turkish Daily Newspaper Sabah and taught Banking and Finance at Marmara University.

Mr. Albayrak was elected as the Member of the Parliament for the 25th, 26th and 27th legislative sessions. He had served as the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the 64th, 65th and 66th Government of the Republic of Turkey, and was appointed as the Finance Minister of the 67th Government.

Under the Ministerial position of Mr. Albayrak, Turkey’s medium and long-term energy policies, called “The National Energy and Mine Strategy Paper”, were prepared. Many pioneering energy projects were conducted in these terms, such as putting Turkey’s first FSRU into service, making 1000 MW of the world’s largest wind and solar tender upon domestic manufacture and R&D, inaugurating Turkey’s first drilling vessel, achieving 1 million meters land drilling, declaring the National Boron Strategy.

Mr. Albayrak is married with 3 children.