Born in 1980 in Istanbul, Y. Emre Güzer started his professional career at Pamukbank in 2001. Holds a master’s degree on Management Information Systems, Mr. Güzer worked at Assist Line A.Ş between 2002 and 2004 and participated to the establishment process of Boyner Back-Up card. 

Y. Emre Güzer met Electronic Commerce at Garanti Bankası in 2004 and conducted the operations of B2B platform, CRM infrastructure and improving customer relations at Hedef Alliance Holding afterwards. After joining Teknoloji Holding in 2007, he took part in the Business Development process of the “one and only” price comparison project that incorporates the purchasing function. In the mean time he actively took part in “Secure Database Integration in E-Commerce” project, supported by TUBITAK and TTGV.

Within Garanti Payment Systems, Mr. Güzer played active roles in the establishment of many payment and verification systems that are used in Turkey as the e-Commerce Products Director. 

His articles were published in various academic resources that focus on the online world and he provided training that focuses on theinvariables of Electronic Commerce at various institutions including Interbank Card Centre. As of 2011, Y. Emre Güzer was appointed as the CEO of PayU Turkey. As of 2018, he became Head of Global Product Strategy. 

Fluent in English, Y. Emre Güzer is married and a father of 1 son.