Berrin was born in 1963 in Ankara. She has BSc degree of Computer Engineering from METU (Middle East Technical University) in 1986; she has been student of University of Phoenix, Arizona (Exec.MBA, Global Management Program) in 2005.

She is the founder of “NOVUSENS - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute” which is the 1st "Think Tank" organization of Turkey specialized in Science, Technology and Innovatipon is independent and for-profit that delivers professional services on innovation and entrepreneurship to foster “sustainable development". Berrin has established "Big Data Institute" of NOVUSENS in 2013 and "Smart City Institute" of NOVUSENS in 2014 to support ICT Innovation field. She is also the co-founder of "IDE Consulting" which delivers professional ICT services on high-tech industries.

As a professional ICT expert she uniquely combines her broad experience of enterprise industry with the knowledge of business management, technology adoption, innovation, and education to develop and deliver effective management and learning experiences both at local country and global platforms. She has over 30 years of business experience in ICT industry carrying both business and technical management roles in the fast pace MNCs (likle Oracle Corp, Intel Corp.) and local giant system integrators and software development companies. During her 12 years of tenure with Oracle Corporation, she held various Executive Management roles both at Regional levels (Europe, Middle East & Africa) covering 35 countries, and Global levels (US, EMEA, APAC). In year 2000, she was recognized by the Turkish IT media as the first international woman executive of Turkey- appointed by e-Europe Middle East Africa Region in IT Business Industry. When she was leading Innovation Centre of Intel in Turkey, she led successful large scale longer-term concept projects that (technological and business new usage models).

Benli is the curator of “TEDxAnkaraCitadel” event which was the first TEDx event in Ankara. She organized “TEDxAnkaraCitadel” event on 2013, 2014, 2016,2017 and 2018. Benli is a strong TED and TEDx conferences fan. She is the Board Members of TBV (Turkish Informatics Foundation) and Gökyay Science and Chess Foundation.