Mukhtar Hussain is a Group General Manager of HSBC and is Head of Belt and Road Initiative based in Hong Kong. In this role, he is responsible for spearheading one of HSBC’s most important strategic initiatives. He will be responsible for driving the dialogue on BRI with key clients and counterparts for HSBC Group.

Mukhtar has spent his entire career at HSBC (36 years) joining the Bank in London in 1982 as a graduate trainee. He spent 13 years in the City of London before being invited to establish the wholesale banking platform for HSBC in the Middle East in 1993. He was extensively involved across the Middle East and responsible for helping HSBC establish Saudi Arabia’s first investment banking platform. He served as Deputy Chairman of HSBC Middle East.

In 2006, he returned to London to Co-Head Global Banking and was then asked to restructure the Private Equity business of HSBC into the current Principal Investments unit. In 2009, Mukhtar was appointed Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Malaysia with responsibilities for one of the largest franchises in South East Asia. Mukhtar served in Malaysia for 8 years until April 2018 before moving to Hong Kong to undertake his current role.

Mukhtar has served as a member of the Executive Committee of HSBC Asia Pacific since 2010 and has recently joined the Board of HSBC Singapore. He graduated in Economics from the University of Wales in 1982 and is a Chartered Banker.