Corporate Vice President of Tsinghua Asset Management Group Executive President of Beijing Institute of Artificial Intelligence Secretary General of Zhongguancun Merger & Acquisition Promotion Association.

Ms. Zhi has over 20 years of work experience in global investment and business operation.  She took various senior positions in R&D, management and investment with Microsoft, TLcom Capital and Institute for Manufacturing Cambridge University in US and UK before moving back to China.

Ms. Zhi is the board member of Beijing Haidian Tech-Finance Holdings Group.  She is guest lecturer of International Master Courses at School of Public Policy & Management Tsinghua University.

Tsinghua Asset Management Group (TAM) focuses on technology innovation in global scope.  It is Tsinghua Holdings’ financial assets management and business operation platform.  By driving the synthesis of the technology innovation and financial innovation, TAM builds the financial services platform for the full development life cycle of technology companies, including funds management and Fintech business.